Zumiez, maurices latest two stores at the Bangor Mall

With a new women’s clothing story now under construction and a new boarding-focused store poised to begin construction, the Bangor Mall is “pretty much filled up,” according to General Manager James Gerety.

“There isn’t a space that is vacant – all of our spaces either have permanent tenants, short-term tenants or, in one case, a storage agreement,” Gerety tells me.

The store now under construction is maurices, a women’s clothing store with 800-plus stores in 44 states. (That’s not a typo, btw – maurices’ starts with a small “m” and there’s no apostrophe at the end. How very.)

There’s already several maurices (what’s the plural of maurices? mauriceses? mauricesia?) in Maine, in Waterville, Topsham, Auburn and Presque Isle, according to the store’s website.

That store is taking up two mall spaces previously occupied by Spencer’s and Motherhood. Spencer’s Gifts has moved into a space across the hall that had been intermittently leased to short-term tenants, and Motherhood moved into a spot in the Sears wing, says Gerety.

The store will likely open in early September, Gerety predicts.

The other store opening in the mall is Zumiez, a men’s and women’s, girl’s and guy’s sort of casual/sporty attire space, with an emphasis on snowboarding and skateboarding. Hence, the name — zoom, Zumiez. Get it?

“Zumiez is kind of cool, kind of neat – I think it is a product apparel that we service – this will certainly add some great brands to that mix,” says Gerety.

According to the company’s website, Zumiez began in the Seattle area in 1978, and now has more than 400 retail stores around the country, including two in Maine at the Maine Mall in South Portland and in Kittery at the outlets.

That store will take two spaces in the Macy’s wing, next to the Select Comfort store. One of the spaces it will occupy was vacant, the other was for short-term leases, says Gerety.

“This fills those spaces with a strong brand and will appeal to our demographic, as well,” he adds.

Zumiez will likely open in early October, he says.

These stores add to others that have recently planted roots in the Bangor Mall, perhaps hinting at a recovering economy as companies in the retail sector begin to make decisions and take action.

Sephora – the store within a store at JCPenney that sells beauty prodcuts – had its “official” opening last Friday, and had 80 people waiting outside for the doors to open, Gerety says.

“Sephora is going to be a destination – I think it’s a fantastic move on their part to bring in such a well-known personal product brand into their store,” he says.

A Regis Salon is also a new mall tenant, and there’s a new anchor store, as well – the Maine-based Cadillac Mountain Sports, which opened in early April.