A bit more insight on the Beam/White Rock deal

For every industry, every sector, just about every occupation, there’s a trade publication — or, these days, blog, twitter feed, etc.

They’re excellent sources of in-depth information. I know, personally — I took a break from daily newspapering for a bit to run a trade pub that covered the semiconductor processing industry. We weren’t focused on the companies that made computer chips like your Intels, Fairchilds or TSMS, but, rather, the companies who made the machines that made the computer chips — your AMATs, Lams, and the like.

So, for more insight on the $605 million deal in which Beam Inc. acquires several of Lewiston-based White Rock’s alcohol brands (and the bottling facility and work force), we turn to Wine & Spirits Daily.

In the pub’s post about Beam/White Rock, we learn more about what the Lewiston company has been up to. For instance — did anyone else know that White Rock has been selling other brands recently?

From Wine & Spirits:

The company has been in a selling mood of late. Recall in September they sold 32 brands to Sazerac, including Tortilla, Desert Island, Kapali, Ryans, Fire Water, Ice 101, Barbarossa, Ice Box, Mt Royal and others. The price was not disclosed. And that was after they sold Three Olives to Proximo in 2007.

The report also provides some thoughts on the challenges facing White Rock, and what the future may hold for both Beam and White Rock. It also includes a most-timely interview with Beam’s president. It’s worth a read.