Does Forbes have a crush on Maine?

Hey! It’s another week, and that means yet another Forbes list that mentions Maine in some way!

This time, after spinning the wheel of Forbes, it’s a positive bit of news for Maine!

Well, for southern Maine, at least.

Forbes listed the Portland-South Portland-Biddeford metro area as the sixth best in the country for jobs.


A survey just released by ManpowerGroup, an employment services firm, supports such optimism. It reveals that employers in all 50 states intend to increase their payrolls during three-month period ending in June. It also tells us exactly where they intend to increase them the most, and where their hopes lag behind.

 Manpower surveyed more than 18,000 employers in 100 metropolitan areas to find out who’s hiring, who’s firing and who plans to maintain their current staff levels in the second quarter of 2012. Of the surveyed employers, 18% anticipate an increase in staffing levels in their second quarter hiring plans, while 6% expect a decrease in payrolls. The difference between those numbers gives you what ManpowerGroup calls a net employment outlook of 12%–or 10% when seasonally adjusted, which is still up from 8% for the same period last year. Seventy-two percent of employers expect no change in their staffing, and the final 4% of employers are uncertain.

The Portland-SoPo-Biddeford area had a 19 percent net employment outlook, according to Forbes. The only other New England area to make the top 10 list was the Bridgeport- Stamford-Norwalk area in Connecticut.

The news was happily noted by Portland Mayor Michael Brennan in a release today.

“While the impact of the country’s recession is not fully behind us, making Forbes top ten list for employment opportunity is good news not just for Portland but for the state as a whole,” said Brennan. “As a community, we have been and will continue to focus on developing policies like our Economic Development Plan and regional economic efforts in collaboration with neighboring communities to spur economic growth and support the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives here.”

He went on to add:

“More than 40% of the state’s personal income, state employment and total state product comes from the Portland region and it is absolutely crucial that at both the state and local level, policy makers develop and adopt policies the help support growth and the quality of life Portland is famous for because Portland and Maine’s economic success go hand in hand.”