Update on EMS – 2 Portland-area stores in the works?

So I’ve got a bit more news about Eastern Mountain Sports and its new store by the mall, which I wrote about last week.

You may recall I reported that EMS has banners hanging on a building out by the Maine Mall, talking about how they will be opening a new store there this spring.

What remained unclear, without company comment, was what would happen to the chain’s current store in Portland, on Marginal Way. Would they keep it open, or would they close it?

Well, fast-forward to today. Seeing how I tend to spend a decent amount of money at EMS for mountain biking, hiking and camping stuff, I’m on their email list. And today I got one proclaiming the new mall-area store would be open by April 26.

And, specifically:

Located across the street from the Maine Mall, next to Toys R Us, our second Maine location will make gearing up for your next adventure easier than ever.

I added the bold, fyi, but doesn’t that seem like they’re going to operate two EMSes in the Portland market – at least for a while? Interesting.

Last week, several sources told me EMS planned to close the Marginal Way location, which has been squeezed somewhat, in terms of parking, by the wildly successful Trader Joe’s with which it shares a building and parking lot.

And, I speculated wildly, the greater Portland market may not be BIG enough for two EMSes, especially with area competitors like Dick’s Sporting Goods (very close by), Cabelas (sort of close by), L.L. Bean  (up in Freeport, not close by, but HUGE) and Kittery Trading Post (Down the pike a ways, but very popular and BIG).

EMS used to be in the Maine Mall years ago, before they opened the Marginal Way location in downtown Portland. You can’t deny that that Maine Mall area is one of the premiere retail spots in Maine, ranking near the top with the Kittery outlets, Freeport, the Old Port and the Bangor Mall area.

Maybe this town is big enough….?