Gifford’s / Gifford’s deal to consolidate ops in ME

Boy – the only way the news about the Gifford’s acquisition of Gifford’s could get more confusing is if they hired Kathy Lee Gifford as spokesperson!!

In case you hadn’t seen the story, Skowhegan-based Gifford’s Ice Cream announced Monday it was buying Gifford’s Ice Cream & Candy – a wholly unrelated business out of Maryland.

The Maryland company distributes in that state as well as in Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.

The Maine company on Tuesday declined to release the financial details of the acquisition.
The Maine Gifford’s has about 30 year-round employees, and that number grows to 100 during the summer, when the company’s ice cream stands are open. The company told me today that “in the near future,” the company would consolidate operations from both businesses at the plant in Skowhegan.
The odd coincidence of one ice cream company buying another — with both sharing a name — got me thinking of other odd name-based pairings we could imagine.
What if Pratt & Whitney in North Berwick decided to provide uniforms for all their employees, along with dry cleaning? They could acquire — you guessed it — Pratt Abbott of Westbrook.
Maybe Bath Iron Works has its eye on its own private airport, possibly in Bangor? Yup – BIW could buy BIA.
OK – those are both not exactly analogous to the Gifford’s-Gifford’s story, I’ll admit. Any better ideas?